How to remotely watch security cameras on iphone / ipad / android phone?

You can remotely watch and monitor your security camera system on your iphone, ipad or andriod phone with few simple steps.

Step 1 - Download & Install GooLink FREE app from app store

Install GooLink FREE App from app store on your iphone, ipad or andriod phone. Once installed, Start the App.

Step 1 - Install & Start GooLink App


Step 2 - Add Device

Before you can start watching the video, you need to first add the NVR. To add the NVR, click on the "+" sign, which will prompt you to scan the QR Code or manually add the serial number of the NVR. Select the QR Code Scan option.

The QR Code is located on the NVR back panel. Locate the QR code on the back panel of the NVR. Using your phone, scan the QR code.

Step 2 - Add NVR Device in GooLink App


Step 3 - Device Setup

If the QR code was scanned successfully, the "add device" is displayed.

Input any meaningful name that you want to identify this device with, in the "Name" (A) field. For example, "Home Security System". The "GID" (B) field is the serial number of the NVR that is automatically populated by the APP after the QR code scan.

Input Admin in the "User" (C) field and leave the "password" (D) field blank. By default, no password is set. If you have already changed the NVR password, input that password here. If you have not changed the password, it is highly recommended that you configure a password for your system. Leaving the password blank will enable hackers from the Internet to be able to gain access to your system. Checkout out our blog article on how to change default NVR & camera passwords.

Leave the "Channel number" (E) to "Auto". The system will automatically populate the total channels once it connects to the NVR.

Press the "Done" button to exit "Add Device" screen to go back to main screen.

Step 3 - Setup Device in GooLink App


Step 4 - Watch Video

The newly added device will appear right below the channel windows on the main screen.

Click on the device icon, and you'll see channel numbers appear below the device icon. Click on the channel numbers (for example, 1, 2, 3 4), and you'll see the "connecting" message appear on the channel windows. This indicates that the app is connecting to the NVR to get the videos from the cameras.

If everything was configured correctly in the previous steps, you should be able to see the videos appear in the channel windows in 10 - 30 secs.

To watch channels 5 to 8, slide the channel numbers by swiping from right to left, select a window where you want to watch the video on, and then click on the channel number you want to watch. You'll see that the selected channel video will now appear on that window.

Step 4 - Watch Security Camera Video in GooLink App



Device Off-line Error

Make sure that the NVR is powered on and connected to the Internet router. Before you can watch the video on the phone, you must make sure that you are able to watch the video locally on a monitor or TV conencted to the NVR. If you cannot see the Video on the local monitor or TV, you have local connectivity issue. Double check the NVR & camera connections to make sure they are connected to the Internet router.

Invalid User or Password Error

Please make sure you have entered the user & password information correctly.

No Video

If you have done all the above steps correctly and verified that the NVR is connected to the Internet properly and still are unable to see the videos on your phone, please open a trouble ticket so one of our technicians can help you resolve this issue.